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I was referred to Tammy while overwhelmed and confronted with multiple challenges in my life: a divorce and its potential impact on my teenage son; a 30+ year career and professional practice in tatters while on long-term disability with the full-time job of trying not to die following the diagnosis of not just one, but two Stage IV cancers; and the loss of a parent.

I view her as a trusted friend and sort of an emotional/intellectual gyroscope that has helped me keep my balance in the midst of all these headwinds, challenges and obstacles (Dragons). She helps me to understand, prioritize, think and take better actions.

She is one of my many Angels. I feel blessed and very grateful to have her in my life.

- Dragon Slayer


I wanted to share my incredible experience that I have had with Tammy. When I first came to see Tammy I was not aware of how much I needed her and her services. I learned quickly that all of the issues I thought I had under control in my life were not under control at all. 

They were deep down inside making me sick, tired and miserable and not allowing me to experience the true joy and peace that I desperately wanted. Tammy's gentle and knowledgeable way of explaining why I was not experiencing the life I had envisioned for myself made so much sense. The tools she has given me and the thought provoking sessions I have had with her have given me more clarity, peace, understanding and a way to refocus my energy on the positive ways I can handle any situation whether it be business or personal. The guided imagery is one of the best things I have ever experienced and what I look forward to most as it it so relaxing and a great way to escape so to speak. It allows me to calm myself, assess what is really going on with me and again is a great tool I can use when negative or stressful issues arise.

I am so thankful to Tammy for her caring, kindness and innate tuition of just knowing what I need to hear, do and focus on helping me to become a better me * ) Kelley C


As a professional coach and speaker myself I am very careful who I pick to coach me. Tammy Burch has been an amazing resource and tremendous help in my personal and business life. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

 Dan Dugo


Before going to Tammy I was pretty lost in my life. Just after having a few sessions with her I could already tell how much she truly cares for her job and just wants to help others. Now just after seeing her for a few months I have many tools to keep my life moving in a positive and healthy direction!






I was listening to you today. My business partner told me she can see a difference in me. I like who I am now and my kids are much happier and so is my husband Peter. Thank you!

Wendy G.


I drove all the way home on the freeway you're amazing..thank you so was life changing. :)  



After one session my son played his best tournament to date.Thank you, I have passed you name on to more golfers.



After years of unsuccessful diet after diet ...exercise programs ,exercise classes..fads and trends to lose weight my self esteem taking a beating, I met Tammy . Tammy helped me get to the bottom of my inability to accomplish my weight goals...She lead me in the direction that resulted in finding an underlining health issue that had continued in the past ,to be overlooked. From there we were able to successfully move forward. She got me on an eating plan where I actually got to eat more food. With my new found information,my new eating plan ,a regular exercise regime and most of all the ongoing motivation from Tammy...I lost 68 self esteem sky rocketed and I met the man of my dreams, got married and we continue to live an active lifestyle together useing the tools that I had learned from Tammy. We couldn't be happier! Thank you Tammy!

 Jill K.                                                                               


RE: Tammy Burch

     “At Your Best Life”

To Whom It May Concern:

I’d like to start off by saying I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived for my first hypnotherapy session, but Tammy Burch with “At Your Best Life” talked me through the whole process step by step and made me feel completely comfortable. Unlike my experience of counselling, during which I felt that I was/had the”‘problem” and it was the counsellor who was/had the “solution”. Hypnotherapy felt much more like I was being guided to use the resources which already existed within myself to provide my own solutions. This was HUGE for me. This meant that, firstly, that the changes were much more genuine/effective and secondly, it had the added benefit of massively improving my self esteem and confidence through the realisation that I could help myself, rather than relying on someone else’s answers. It is difficult to describe how effective the techniques are, at times I felt Tammy had waved a magic wand and evaporated my anxieties which I’ve had for years. I can’t recommend her enough!

I am more self aware and it has helped me to become a more positive person and I feel I have strategies to cope when things get tough. I am so grateful for what this is doing for me.


Kelly Phillips


(ask for details)


Since meeting with Tammy and working with her to improve my focus, visualization skills and attitude towards golf I have experienced incredible change in each area. She truly listens to what you want to gain from the session and understands exactly how to speak to the individual to bring about desired change. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional and has the ability to put people at ease. I have gained so much more than I anticipated or hoped for working with her on these areas. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to make a positive change in any area of life.


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